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Explore holistic wellness through a variety of beloved strains! Our 1ml Graduated Glass, Luer Lock syringe ensures accurate dosing for an exceptional journey. Easily infuse edibles, dab rigs, or topicals with potent THCA using our user-friendly syringe.

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🌿Introducing our THCA Distillate Syringe, a game-changer in cannabis consumption.🌿

Ready for an outstanding cannabis experience? Delta XL‘s THCA Distillate Syringe, a hallmark of purity and potency. Our 1ml graduated glass, Luer lock syringe guarantees accurate dosing for an incredible journey with every drop.

🛠️Dispensing Directions:

Remember, this THCA Distillate Syringe cools down super fast and gets really sticky. To avoid any mess, pop on some gloves and keep a safe solvent like ethanol or limonene handy for cleaning up.

  • 🛁Heating With a Water Bath:
    For a smooth flow, give the syringe a nice hot water bath for about 5-15 minutes. Keep that cap on to make sure the oil warms up evenly. Once done, take the cap off and start dispensing. If it’s still a bit cold and tough to push, just dip it back in the water bath for a bit longer.
  • 💨Heating With A Hairdryer:
    First things first, remove the cap and put on those heat-resistant gloves. Warm up the entire syringe before dispensing to avoid any issues with the plunger or, worse, breaking the syringe. If the oil starts oozing out while you’re heating it, gently pull it back with the plunger. Otherwise, be prepared to collect a bit while you warm it up.

💎Exceptional Quality, Pure Essence

We take great care in selecting our THCA extract, preserving the unique essence of each strain. With no added extras or impurities, every syringe captures the natural purity and potency of the cannabis plant. This dedication to quality ensures an outstanding experience, letting you enjoy the genuine characteristics of each strain in its purest form.

🔬A Precise Syringe for Controlled Use

The 1ml graduated glass, Luer lock syringe, engineered for accuracy, is an essential part of our THCA Distillate Syringe, ensuring precise measurements that suit your needs. Whether you’re a seasoned user or just starting out, this syringe gives you the confidence to administer your desired dose with ease and accuracy. Its design is tailored to provide a seamless experience, making it simple for you to manage your intake, regardless of your level of familiarity with such products.

👍Adaptable and Easy to Use

Our syringe is your versatile companion, adapting effortlessly to your preferences. Whether you love the smooth pull of vaping, the precise touch of dabbing, or the creative flair of enhancing recipes, our THCA distillate syringe seamlessly fits into your routine. It’s designed for your comfort, making it a breeze to measure and apply just the right amount, enhancing your experience with each strain in a way that suits you best.

🌈Pick Your Mood:

Choose from a wide array of strains offered in our THCA Distillate Syringe collection, each with its own unique character and benefits.

🔆Sativa Selection:

  • 🌲Green Crack: Has a zesty, citrusy flavor profile. Its effects are said to provide a burst of energy, mental clarity, and a mood lift. It’s not uncommon for users to feel more sociable and motivated after using Green Crack.
  • 🌞Jack Herer: Named after the cannabis activist, Jack Herer, offers an earthy and piney taste. Its effects are often described as invigorating, offering a balance between cerebral elevation and a mild body buzz. It’s appreciated for its potential to enhance creativity and focus.
  • 🍋Sour Diesel: Known for its diesel-like aroma and tangy flavor. Users report feeling an energizing and euphoric high that sparks creativity and mental alertness. Some find it helpful for managing stress and depression due to its uplifting effects.

🌙Indica Intensity:

  • 💜Granddaddy Purple: Famous for its deep purple buds and sweet, berry-like taste. Its effects are typically described as deeply relaxing, often leading to a full-body calmness. Users often report feeling sedated and experiencing relief from stress, pain, and insomnia.
  • 🔥Hardcore OG: Has a pungent, earthy aroma. Its effects are potent, offering a strong body high and deep relaxation. Hardcore OG is known for its potential to induce a sense of euphoria and sedation, making it a popular choice for evening relaxation.
  • 🌟Northern Lights: With its sweet and spicy aroma, Northern Lights is cherished for its tranquilizing effects. It often brings about a deep relaxation that can lead to a couch-lock sensation. Many users appreciate its potential to alleviate stress, pain, and insomnia.

🌼Hybrid Harmony:

  • 💙Blue Dream: Known for its sweet berry aroma, Blue Dream combines the uplifting effects of a sativa with the relaxing undertones of an indica. Users often experience a balanced high that promotes relaxation without heavy sedation, making it a popular choice for daytime use.
  • 🍧Gelato 41: This strain boasts a sweet, dessert-like flavor profile. Gelato 41’s effects typically bring about a cerebral euphoria coupled with a calming body high. It’s appreciated for its potential to uplift mood while still offering relaxation.
  • 🍪Girl Scout Cookies: With its sweet and earthy aroma, Girl Scout Cookies tends to induce a potent body high accompanied by a cerebral buzz. Users often report feeling relaxed yet mentally stimulated, making it suitable for both day and evening use.
  • 🍍Pineapple Express: Carries a tropical and citrusy scent. Its effects are often described as a balanced high that uplifts mood and sparks creativity while still providing relaxation. Pineapple Express is favored for its well-rounded effects.
  • 🧘‍♂️Skywalker OG: Known for its pungent aroma, Skywalker OG brings together the relaxing properties of an indica with the cerebral effects of a sativa. It’s recognized for inducing a deep relaxation that eases both mind and body.

🤔Why go for Delta XL’s THCA Distillate Syringe?

  • ✨Redefining Standards: At Delta XL, we’re all about pushing boundaries. Our THCA Distillate Syringe is top-notch—pure, potent, and always top quality.
  • 🌱 Ethical Sourcing: We start with ethics. Partnering with trusted cultivators, we bring sustainability and the best strains right to you.
  • 😊Your Satisfaction Matters: You’re not just a customer; you’re family. Our team’s here, making sure your experience is smooth sailing.
  • 🚀Innovation in Extraction: We love getting creative. Our unique extraction methods keep those natural flavors intact for an amazing journey.
  • 🤝Community Commitment: We’re more than a brand; we’re part of something bigger. Join us as we educate and promote responsible cannabis use in the community.

Seize the opportunity to enjoy a world of exceptional flavors and effects. Improve your journey with Delta XL’s THCA Distillate Syringe collection.

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Green Crack – Sativa, Jack Herer – Sativa, Sour Diesel – Sativa, Granddaddy Purple – Indica, Hardcore OG – Indica, Northern Lights – Indica, Blue Dream – Hybrid, Gelato 41 – Hybrid, Girl Scout Cookies – Hybrid, Pineapple Express – Hybrid, Skywalker OG – Hybrid

THCA Distillate Syringe 1ml Northern LightsTHCA Distillate Syringe 1ML
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